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12-Step Focused Drug Rehab and Treatment Center Listings

If you're a resident of 12-Step Focused, Arkansas and suffering from drug abuse problems such as addiction to cocaine, heroin or crystal meth, then you have to undergo treatment at a 12-Step Focused drug and alcohol rehab center. You can peruse our list of 12-Step Focused drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers below and find treatment options, whether for the addictions below, or prescription drug detox, amphetamine addiction treatment, alcohol rehab and/ or sober living facilities. 12-Step Focused, Arkansas is the largest city in the state, and as such is no stranger to crime, including drug-related ones. If you or a loved one is a crystal meth addict, a prescription pills addict, an alcoholic or addicted to other drugs, our list below might be able to help you find a 12-Step Focused drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility, a detoxification center or medical drug rehab centers that can help you solve substance abuse issues. Whether you live near Arkansas or the suburbs of 12-Step Focused, out by the suburbs you can find a treatment facility rehab near you on our list. You can also check out our list of 12-Step Focused sober living homes that would help a recovering addict adjust to a life without drugs.

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alcoholism and treatment

(479) 202-6300 Waterstone Counseling Center – Springdale, AR

2002 South 48th Street, Suite F Springdale, AR 72762 Main Office: (479) 202-6300     Water Counseling Center (WWC) is a family oriented counseling practice serving individual ... Read More >>

alcohol rehab treatment

479-575-9471 Youth Bridge – Springdale, AR

3895 George Anderson Road Springdale, AR 72764 Main Tel: 479-575-9471     Youth Bridge is a non-profit agency that serves over 3,000 youths and their families each year in th ... Read More >>

Abuse treatment centers

479-521-5731 Vantage Point of North Arkansas

4253 North Crossover Road Fayetteville, AR 72703 Main Tel: 479-521-5731     Vantage Point, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas has been helping children, teens, adults, and old ... Read More >>

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Drugs and alcohol
(501) 376-2747

Oasis Renewal Center

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Oasis Renewal Center is based on a strong foundation in the recovery model of substance use disorders treatment focusing on the 12-Step concepts. Evidence based techn

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