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Faith Based Treatment Programs in Arkansas
drug abuse and addiction

Many people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol have a religious faith or follow particular religious teachings such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism, and their faith can help them to recover from their addictions. Many faith based treatment programs in Arkansas now exist, and while they differ from each other in the facilities and services that they offer, and the standard of accommodation, they all have in common the idea that addiction is as much a spiritual disease as a physical or mental one. The shared philosophy is that if the addict’s faith can be strengthened they stand a much better chance of achieving a full recovery without relapse.

Among the first, and the most widely known of the faith based treatment programs/Christian treatment programs are the 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Twelve-step programs advocate that people in recovery should admit they are powerless over alcohol or drugs and develop a stronger relationship with a “higher power” through prayer and meditation. The term higher power was coined by the founders of AA and can be defined in any way the recovering addict sees fit, but the founders were closely aligned to a Christian group and many see God as the higher power. For many members of 12-step groups handing over the reins of life to a higher power is both comforting and empowering.

Features of Faith-Based Treatment Programs in Arkansas

Addiction treatment programs and treatment centers provide a foundation based on faith for people struggling against drug and alcohol addiction. They combine traditional and alternative treatments with religious studies, prayer, and spiritual counseling to strengthen the person’s faith, and these faith based activities are seen as being of equal importance to other modes of treatment. People in faith based treatment programs in Arkansas are usually taught that addiction is a response to a damaged or broken spirit, and that if they can heal their spirit through the restorative power of their higher power, they can overcome their addiction more easily.

Treatment Programs

Faith based treatment programs in Arkansas all offer different facilities and services. Some include inpatient treatment, while others provide treatment on an outpatient basis. Christian treatment centers and programs are most effective for people who are already Christians, and for whom their faith and beliefs are important.

Christian treatment programs offer traditional treatments such as medical detox, individual and group therapy sessions, and medications, but an emphasis is placed on studying scripture as a means to recovery. Recovering addicts are reminded that God loves and accepts them and offers forgiveness for any wrongs that may have resulted from their addiction in the past. The guilt so often associated with addiction is relieved, and this tends to lead to greater optimism.

Christian treatment centers also provide people in recovery with a like-minded support group. Relationships built during group therapy sessions can continue after recovery, and in many cases the person leaving the treatment center is encouraged to join the church or faith-based community to continue their recovery. Continued support from people sharing the same faith can be extremely encouraging and helps recovering addicts to avoid returning to their addiction.

People leaving faith based treatment programs in Arkansas are encouraged to continue with daily prayer and meditation to improve their health generally and ease the cravings. Regular time set aside for prayer reduces anxiety and stress, and handing over problems and difficulties to God helps the person in recovery to keep the focus on strengthening their spirit and avoiding relapse. Maintaining ties with the Christian or other faith based support group is critical after rehab for long-term sobriety.

Making the First Step

Recovering from drug abuse or addiction is a long journey, regardless of the substance of abuse. Most people believe that quitting drugs is simply a matter of willpower. In reality, specialized rehab treatment is required to help break both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Pick up the phone and speak with an addiction specialist today to learn more about the benefits of faith based treatment programs/Christian treatment programs.