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Relapse Prevention in Arkansas
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Relapse prevention in Arkansas is an important part in long term addiction recovery. There are various steps in recovering from an addiction, and this doesn’t just begin and end with detox. While the physical dependency on a substance must be broken in order for an addict to get better, this is really just the first step in a longer recovery process. Addictions are rarely just physical, and usually involve a mental or physical component as well. This underlying diagnosis is something that must be dealt with in treatment, and can be something that can be focused on to prevent relapse in the future.

Relapse Warning Signs

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that over 50% of recovered addicts will relapse at some point in their life. Whether this is something at occurs quickly after treatment or years later, this isn’t something that should be looked at as a failure. Relapse is oftentimes looked at as a step in recovery, and an individual can learn from this in Arkansas. By understanding cravings and what might trigger an individual to use, they can be equipped with this information to avoid relapse again in the future.

Relapse is something that can happen to anyone in recovery, but there are events and warning signs that recovering addicts as well as loved ones can look out for and try to be there for an addict. Life events such as losing a loved one, going through a divorce or loss of employment can cause a recovering addict to fall back into destructive behavior. This is should be watched out especially if an individual abused alcohol, prescription drugs, or a behavior.

The Three Stages of Relapse

The three stages of relapse can be broken into emotional, mental, and physical relapse. If an individual in recovery can understand the science behind what triggers relapse, they will be more equipped to avoid this. Emotional relapse can occur when a trying event happens in an individual’s life. They might default to their original coping mechanism of using drugs or alcohol, thinking this is just a fix for a one time problem. This can quickly turn into a full blown relapse. Talking with someone or seeking out support can help with relapse prevention in Arkansas.

Mental relapse is something that can happen when an individual is feeling confident about their recovery, and incorrectly assuming they don’t have an addiction problem. This might trick a person into trying a substance, thinking they can keep this in moderation. This is a dangerous test to put on a recovering addict and is in fact a relapse. Physical relapse are the cravings that can come and go throughout one’s life even after years of recovery in Arkansas. it is best to call a friend or support group to help until this physical craving passes.

Benefits of Relapse Prevention in Arkansas

SAMHSA reports that up to 30% of those admitted for treatment are in their twenties. This shows how common addiction is in young adults, and the need for long-term care and relapse prevention will be needed in order to foster a lifetime of sobriety. Relapse prevention in Arkansas can set up support networks so that those in recovery don’t feel so alone. Depending on a recovering addict’s personal situation, some have more supportive family and friends than others. Having people to count on might need to be incorporated into a care plan. This can be in the form of sponsors, groups, and counselors. If an addict feels there are people counting on them as well, this can help them accountable to avoid relapse.

Addiction Help

Practical support and guidance can have a big impact on the success of drug treatment, with recovering drug addicts much less likely to relapse when they have a stable support system. If you need help from a relapse prevention program, it’s important to contact an addiction specialist today for more information.