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SMART Recovery in Arkansas
for alcohol withdrawal

SMART recovery, or Self-Management and Recovery Training, is a new form of treatment for addiction. When it comes to recovery tools, many treatment centers take the power away from addicts when it comes to their rehabilitation and decision making. SMART recovery in Arkansas gives this power back to those in treatment, and has recovering addicts play a contributing role in their treatment and goals for the future. Based on behavioral therapies, SMART recovery uses therapy, motivation, and goals to work with those in recovery to internalize their need for sobriety. Sometimes seen as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, SMART recovery empowers addicts to choose their own recovery path. Other addiction treatment methods tend to take this power away and addicts are expected to follow treatments rather than be a decision maker in the process.


The Four Points of SMART Recovery

There are four points when it comes to moving through the process of SMART recovery in Arkansas. These are building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and finally, living a balanced life. Addicts can check in on all of these areas to make sure they are on the right track while in treatment.

  1. Building and maintaining motivation is a way to help take away the fear that can come with getting sober, and instead can make an addict get ready for this new step in their life.
  1. Coping with urges is something that can be taught If an addict in recovery isn’t given the necessary tools to work through potential relapse triggers, they will be set up to fail. Working with therapists and other recovering addicts for support can help.
  1. Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors can help those who may have been numbed by substance abuse over the years. Getting in touch with one’s feelings again must be managed as this can be overwhelming.
  1. Living a balanced life is an important tenet in SMART recovery. Addicts often throw themselves into a situation or a substance, and a balance must be met to make sure they don’t move on to a new obsessive behavior.


SMART Recovery Benefits

SMART recovery in Arkansas gives patients steps in a process to lead to successful treatment in Arkansas. One begins by identifying that they have a problem and wanting to seek help in getting better. Once in treatment, addicts will make the determination to change their behavior and put their efforts toward more positive goals and not waste energy on addiction. By pursuing this change, an addict will begin the work of addiction therapy and treatment. By putting the process on the addict, they are the ones in control and making the decision every step of the way to get better.

SMART Recovery Candidates

Those who like to be in control and have an active role in their recovery might benefit from SMART recovery in Arkansas. This is a way for individuals that may have lost control of their lives through addiction get back on track. By making one’s own goals for the futures, whether this is finding a job, staying sober or making amends, these can be focused on instead of addiction. By working through a goal-based therapy treatment plan, individuals can measure their progress and this can be celebrated along the way. By incorporating constructive behaviors into one’s life, they won’t have room for addiction.

Seeking Treatment

For those looking for an innovative treatment plan when it comes to drug or alcohol abuse, SMART recovery is a new method those who like to be in control can try. With so many different types of treatment plans available, the most important thing is that those seeking recovery find a method that works for them in Arkansas. By combining traditional treatment methods with more goal-oriented behavioral therapies, SMART recovery is worth looking into if one is seeking treatment that might be a little outside of the box, but also effective. When you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, dian an addiction specialist for help.