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Alternative Treatment in Arkansas
alcohol rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addictions are difficult to treat because they are complex conditions and are often interwoven with mental health disorders. Traditional treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group, individual and family counseling are well-known and highly effective, but alternative treatment in Arkansas is also provided by rehabs and addiction treatment centers. These alternatives can be extremely beneficial through all stages of recovery since they aim to reduce stress and improve physical and mental well-being.

Alternative treatment in Arkansas helps recovering addicts to regain personal balance in their lives, which can dramatically improve the chances that they will achieve a full recovery and go on to live balanced, healthy, and happy lives without resorting to addictions. Alternative treatment in Arkansas can range from simply spending time in a peaceful, natural environment, to therapies using complex technology, such as neurofeedback.

In Arkansas rehabs these days, alternative addiction treatments are so common they are more “mainstream” than alternatives, but they are used as an adjunct to traditional treatments rather than a replacement. Alternatives include acupuncture, chiropractic care, music therapy, art therapy, restorative yoga, meditation, biofeedback, meditation and mindfulness practices, and equine or canine therapy, among many others.


Acupuncture is an alternative treatment in Arkansas that is growing in popularity, and is especially useful for treating anxiety, depression, and any pain or discomfort associated with the recovery process. One recognized use of acupuncture is the Acu-Detox protocol for opiate addiction, designed by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). This method uses needles inserted in the ear to treat the intense cravings that arise during withdrawal from opiates. Evidence also suggests acupuncture can reduce the pain associated with withdrawal from some drugs, reduce anxiety, and deal with some of the underlying mental health issues.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is well known for its ability to help with pain and stiffness, but it is now also emerging as an effective way of helping drug and alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction and return to normal life. Chiropractic care seeks to realign the bones to manage pain, and this is useful for the many addicts who experience pain in their spine, joints, or soft tissues. Many people become addicted to drugs as a result of trying to reduce their pain, whether by using prescription painkillers or self-medicating their pain with other drugs. Chiropractic care offers them a drug-free way of managing their pain.

Art and Music Therapy

Art and music therapies encourage recovering addicts to turn the focus outside themselves and participate in a mindful activity such as painting, drawing, listening to music, or making music. Art and music can help to build self-confidence and self-esteem and can also reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and help in anger management.


Restorative Yoga

Yoga combines physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation and aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit to promote inner feelings of calmness and peace, to reduce stress, and provide physical relaxation. All of these can help addicts in any stage of their recovery. Yoga also relieves the anxiety and depression often associated with addiction and recovery.

Alternative addiction treatments are considered by some to be useful additions to the drug addiction therapy mix available to recovering addicts, while others believe it is essential to look beyond traditional treatments as they tend to focus less on holistic care and pay less attention to the mind, body, and spirit connection. Addiction recovery is a long and complex process, and while not every alternative treatment in Arkansas works for everyone, those that do work for individuals can improve the success rate and help to prevent relapses occurring.

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